Welcome to Bantoo Outdoors®

"The not so hardcore outdoor brand with a purpose."

We strive to source products that last longer so we do not need as much.  Which in turn protects the environment and is good for wildlife as well as humans. We will eventually fail without a balanced Eco System.  Live Healthy, Live Active.

We are not 100 percent sustainable.  But man we would like to be.  

We are on a mission to save the planet and wildlife. 

Bantoo Outdoors is about making a difference in the world.   Its about living a healthy and active lifestyle.    It's about getting as much out of life as possible.  It's about adventure.  About passion.  And it's about fun and comfortable apparel. 

We want to inspire wildlife conservation.  Especially elephants.  If we kill off wildlife, we kill ourselves off. 

Our goal is to build a company that embraces the outdoor lifestyle while keeping sustainability in mind.  By doing this we give ourselves a chance as humans.  We have a world view.  Take care of the planet and it will take care of us.  Part of everything we make will go toward this goal.  

Brave Tribe-People/Places we admire

For those who adventure

The adventure spirit lives with Owen Dubeck. Watch Owen travel to Oaxaca, Mexico and live the surf lifestyle. And making friends along the way. Artist Joakim Karud "Rock Angel".

Prince Harry Joins Elephant Conservation Project in Malawi

Talk about your featured video

Prince Harry does his part. Spends three weeks in a Malawi African Park summer 2016.  Where he helped with a large scale elephant relocation project.


Live Webcam Venice Italy

Travel  to far away places

Live Waimea Bay Cam

Waimea Bay Cam

The man who climbed Everest 21 times

Nat Geo

Loved by all.  The story of Apa Sherpa.  Video by Sherpas Cinema.  Nat Geo

How We Can Keep Plastics Out of Our Ocean | National Geographic

We owe it to your future generation

Environment conservation is good for wildlife as well as humans