Changing Lanes Experience Interview

Changing Lanes Experience Interview

Posted: Nov 13 2014

foKus clothing co had the distinct pleasure getting to know local Salt Lake City, UT band Changing Lanes Experience as they traveled to California on one of their recent tours with vocalist Alex Boye.  Boye opened for Olivia Newton John at the Royal Albert Hall in London last year.


  1. Who are the members of the band?

On our current trip we have Cameron Hodges-Drums, Josh “Joshy Soul” Strauther-Piano/Keytar, Chris “Dream Driz” Drisdom-Guitar/Base, Cary Arnell Drisdom (CJ)-Base/Lead Vocals, and Courtney Isaiah Smith-Organ/Vocals.   However our band has 15 to 16 members.  Sometimes we split up and do two gigs at the same time.  The members traveling to California are listed here but we have the rest of the band doing a gig in Salt Lake this weekend.  DeJon Lang is our Lead Singer. Our band first started October 1, 2012.

  1. What type of music or genre does your band fit in?   

We are actually a Party Band. And we primarily do cover songs. We play all types of music, Rock, R&B, Funk. Our band is a Party, Rock, Funk, Soul Band.  We play music and try to add a little soul to it.   However we are working on some original music also. Some of the artists we like to cover are Stevie Wonder, Pharrell, Katy Perry to name a few.    

  1. Where do you guys play mostly back in Utah?

We play everywhere.  We play at weddings, festivals and clubs.

  1. What is the size of the largest audience you have played in front of?

We played at the Color Festival at Yankee Stadium on July 26, 2014.  There where approximately 8,000 people.

  1. Who do you guys sound like mostly?

Snarky Puppy.

  1. What is the ultimate goal of the band?

We would like to write songs for artist to come and sing with us. 





  1. What is the band doing now?

We are currently traveling with Alex Boye to California for a 3 show tour.  We are on the road as we speak.  We have been traveling with Alex for a year now.  I (CJ Drisdom) met Alex in a store in Salt Lake about 5 years ago.  I told him how much I liked his work. I thought we could do some things together.  Nothing really came from that meeting until about 4 years later.  I got a call from him and now we are working together.

  1. What would you tell other people who are trying to follow their dreams?

I (CJ Drisdom) think first is to be connected to God.  Then do your part, be prepared for the opportunity.  We cannot do all of it.   We need to do our part and  God will do the rest.

  1. What do you guys like to do when you are not playing music?

Cameron-hike, Chris-nothing-just stay at home, Josh-drink tea/take photos/interested in men’s fashion. CJ-Changing Lanes, work all the time on the business.





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