Former Tides Interview

Former Tides Interview

Posted: Aug 15 2015

After many months of trying to arrange schedules foKus clothing had the opportunity to catchup with Former Tides lead singer and song writer Devin Barrus recently.  An interview of a local band that has great things planned for the future.

1.  Who are the members of the band?

The current members of the band are Devin Barrus-Lead Singer/Song Writer, Trevor Espinoza-Drummer, Chad Jordan-Guitarist, Luis Cardinas Guitarist, and Tysyon Clegg-Base. 

2.  How did you guys get started?

We all come from other bands or projects.  Two of the members of the band got together and formed a band called Invisible Wolves. It was a Metal band. They invited me/Devine in for an audition.  We official started performing as Former Tieds in October 2015. 

3.  What type of music do you guys play?

We are a little unique.  Our sound is a combination of Pop Music and Metal.  If you would ask me we would most sound similar to Pvirs, Hands Like Houses or Sleeping with Sirens. Our genre would be rock.

4.  Where do you guys play mostly?

We play mostly in Utah County and Salt Lake City, Utah.  However we recently played in Las Vegas.

5.  What is the size of the largest audience you guys have played in front of?

We played in Orem, Utah at the Steve Room. It was in January this year. It was in front of about 275 people. 

6.  What is the goal for the band?

Our ultimate goal is to play music full time. We want to work with a record label and a manager. 

7.  What is the band doing now?

We have a new EP coming out in October.  It is scheduled to drop on October 9, 2015. We will promote in the Boise Idaho, Logan Utah, and in the Utah County area.  We will be promoting the album release with play dates in these areas.  We have two singles out right now.  They are on ITunes, Spotify, and Sound Cloud.  We are also developing a website for the band.  We have t-shirts being designed and we will have a USB with our logo and music on it. 

8.  What would you tell someone about following their dreams?

Well Steven Anberlin said something like,keep doing it and do not give up, failure can lead to success, do not let failure define you, be in it for the long haul, be confident and follow your heart.  Something like that. And that is what I try to do.

9.  What do you like to do when you are not playing music?

Hard to say.  I am always doing music.  But I like hanging out at the coffee shops.  I just like the atmosphere.  Netflix and hiking.  Right now some of the band members are on a hike.  Luis likes to take pictures.  He likes photography.  Chad is an entrepreneur and Tyson is into design. Not sure about Trevor.


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