Owen Dubeck

Wow!!   Bantoo Outdoors had a chance to catch up with Owen Dubeck of Owen Dubeck Films.  Though only 21 years old and in college, he has done a lot.  We caught up with Owen as he and friends just came down from skiing June Mountain in California. 

Originally from New York Owen enjoys the California life style, traveling and filming. 

  1. What are you up to now?

Currently I am attending college at the Claremont McKenna College here in California.   I am studying Economics and Computer Science.  I am a Junior now.

  1. What are your hobbies?

I enjoy surfing, skiing, traveling and filming.  I have been filming since the age of 13.  I started filming with just a camera phone.  Now I have a very nice camera.  I feel that I am a very creative person.  I really enjoy the California lifestyle.  I try to surf almost every day.  As much as I can.  I also enjoy skiing. But it takes a lot of effort sometimes to get up to the mountains.  To gather all the equipment and load it onto the car.  With surfing here in California, you can just jump into the ocean and you are off. 

  1. Where do you like to surf?

I have surfed a lot here in California.  But I have travelled and surfed across the world.  In fact, I am headed to Mexico very soon for another surfing trip.  I have surfed in Indonesia, Singapore, Africa, Mexico and Central America.  As far as Africa goes.  I spent some time there as an exchange student.  I had a great time in Cape Town, Mozambique and Namibia.


 .     4.  Tell me about your filming.

Well like I said. I have been filming since age 13.  I recently got serious about it 2 years ago.  I am self-taught.  I get a lot of great film from my travels. 



  1. How did you get involved in travelling? What got you started?

My mom got me started with travelling.  When I was younger, at 18 I took my first trip to Guatemala.  I have been to 23 countries total.  My love for skiing also comes from my mom.  I have travelled to a lot of places to ski and surf by myself.  It is an adventure.  I have met a lot of friends in my travels.  You just seem to run into people and make friends. 


  1. What do you see in your future as it relates to filming?

Well, I want to make films that make a difference.  I want to make films that relate to current events.  I am very concerned about the environment.  I was in Bali and noted that it is drowning in trash.  It does not have an affordable trash pickup system.  The plastic trash pollution problem is escalating.  This bothers me, and I want to help spread the word about this through education.  I can use my films to help bring awareness to this.  I hope this will drive change.  Bali is a very beautiful place. 



Instagram: Owendubeck

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