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Welcome to Bantoo Outdoors®.  


We are an outdoor lifestyle clothing brand that cares about wildlife and the environment.  Our goal is to build a company that does great things while making great gear. 

"Buy One we Make One"  It's all about the environment. We keep our on hand inventory low to help protect the environment.  We try to use water-based paints and recycled materials. 

Bantoo Outdoors is about making a difference in the world.   It’s about living a healthy and active lifestyle.    It's about getting as much out of life as possible.  It's about adventure.  About passion.  And it's about fun and comfortable apparel. 

We believe that every day is a new adventure.  So seize the day because you only live once.  Expand your boundaries and grow. Good and Positive vibes only.

We believe in a diverse world.

We believe in challenging the current state. We believe in inclusion.  We believe the outdoors is to be enjoyed not concurred. And we want to inspire wildlife conservation. Especially elephants.  

Bantoo Outdoors was created for a community of diverse people who wanted to embrace the outdoor lifestyle in a sustainable way.  And for those who want to live a healthy and active lifestyle.   

We find our rhythm and balance outside.  We look for like minded but unique people looking to make an impact in the lives of people that need help and who want to conserve our wildlife for future generations.  This is what drives us.


We see the outdoors as a playground and not a proving ground. It's all about having fun outside.  We want to provide comfortable gear at an affordable price.  We build gear with the weekend in mind. 

Our customer's satisfaction is our priority. We make sure that our staff are well trained to help each customer to fulfill their needs. Effortless style, authenticity, and easy-going living are at the heart of the brand’s design philosophy.

These positive values shine through at every level, from the laid-back tailoring to the made-to-last quality, use of natural materials and responsible production. The company's philosophy reflects a positive and caring attitude towards life that celebrates real people and togetherness according to the brand promise: "We want to make you feel good while look good". If you are looking for experienced and reliable online store that specializes in active lifestyle clothing. Look no further.   




We care about inclusion.  We want to help all that want to enjoy and experience the outdoor lifestyle feel comfortable doing so.  We believe in diversity and giving back.  Part of everything we make will go to helping those in need.  The founder grew up poor.  And did not have very much. Or a lot of opportunities. But still believes he still has something to offer the world.  

Being involved in scouting at a young age gave him his first experience at the outdoor lifestyle.  Followed by a long military career that gave him a world view and gave him his first taste of adventure.  The founder cares about life and a greater appreciation was developed after spending time in war. 



Wildlife Conservation.

Why?  Because we owe it to future generations. 

And they are part of our ecosystem.  We kill them off, we kill ourselves off. 

“Conservation is the practice of protecting wild plant and animal species and their habitats.  The goal of wildlife conservation is to ensure that nature will be around for future generations to enjoy and to recognize the importance of wildlife and wilderness for humans and other species

Bantoo Outdoors® founder ancestors are from Africa.  Bantoo or the correct spelling Bantu is the language of his forefathers.  This was the inspiration for the name of the company.  And the inspiration to help save the elephants for future generation to enjoy. 

The first reliable estimate of African elephants was conducted from 1976 to 1979 by Kenyan elephant conservationist Ian Douglas-Hamilton, who estimated the total to be 1.3 million.  The number of elephants have significantly decreased because of illegal poaching.  It is estimated that only 352,000 remain as of a GEC Great Elephant Census study 2016.  Other estimate shows 13,600 killed a year.  

That is 37 a day.  Our goal is to donate part of what we make to help elephant conservation.  We need your help to spread the word.  Join us. 

 CNN Report:



Wildlife Conservation Society


African Wildlife Foundation


500 Elephants


World Wildlife Fund






Bantoo Outdoors will strive to source sustainable products.  Which in turn protects the environment. This will be good for wildlife as well as humans. 

We will eventually fail without a balanced eco-system.  


1. Earth Day

2. Natural Resources Defense Council

3. Environmental Working Group

4. Greenpeace Fund

5. Friends of the Earth

6. Rainforest Alliance

7. Earthjustice

8. Ocean Conservancy

9. Earth Island Institute

10. The Sierra Club Foundation